Learning Paths

Curated list of episodes, bundled to help you on your learning path!
Stripe Payments

This series focuses on taking online payments from individuals. Learn how to securely add payments into your application in a PCI Compliant fashion!
  • 2hr 3min
  • 6 Episodes

Tips and Tricks

A series of random tips and tricks in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. These are helpful items that I've learned over the years which can bring to like new ways of doing something.
  • 1hr 4min
  • 5 Episodes

Trello Clone

We start from a fresh application and work towards building some of the basic functionalities of a trello-like production. We look into building drag & drop functionality, sorting of items, inviting collaborators and real time communication between different browsers.
  • 1hr 31min
  • 5 Episodes

Stimulus JS

Stimulus is a JavaScript framework with modest ambitions. It doesn’t seek to take over your entire front-end—in fact, it’s not concerned with rendering HTML at all. Instead, it’s designed to augment your HTML with just enough behavior to make it shine. Stimulus pairs beautifully with Turbolinks to provide a complete solution for fast, compelling applications with a minimal amount of effort.
  • 3hr 36min
  • 12 Episodes

Action Text

Action Text brings rich text content and editing to Rails. It includes the Trix editor that handles everything from formatting to links to quotes to lists to embedded images and galleries. The rich text content generated by the Trix editor is saved in its own RichText model that's associated with any existing Active Record model in the application. Any embedded images (or other attachments) are automatically stored using Active Storage and associated with the included RichText model.
  • 45min
  • 4 Episodes

Development and Production Environments

Developing Ruby on Rails application is now viable on any platform today; whether it is macOS, Windows or Linux. We all have different requirements which may determine which kind of platform we use to develop on. This series will cover various platforms including Kubernetes and Docker.
  • 1hr 40min
  • 6 Episodes


Sidekiq uses threads to handle many jobs at the same time in the same process. It does not require Rails but will integrate tightly with Rails to make background processing dead simple. In this series, learn how to set up Sidekiq, use scheduled recurring tasks and deploy Sidekiq to a production environment.
  • 19min
  • 3 Episodes


This series shows a few different approaches to APIs and covers various topics like ReactNative, iOS applications, Versioning, Error Handling and more.
  • 2hr 26min
  • 11 Episodes

Active Storage Uploads

Active Storage facilitates uploading files to a cloud storage service like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Microsoft Azure Storage and attaching those files to Active Record objects. It comes with a local disk-based service for development and testing and supports mirroring files to subordinate services for backups and migrations.
  • 1hr 38min
  • 6 Episodes